Pricing & Payments

Some of our routine operations have a set price (like TPLO surgery). However in a lot of cases only an estimated price can be given based on your pet's clinical history. A more precise estimate can only be given to you by one of our veterinary surgeons once we have examined your pet during the initial consultation. At this stage costs of diagnostic work-up and possible treatment will be discussed with you.

Payment options:
Payment is due at the time of the consultation or on collection of your pet. Cash and major credit/debit cards are accepted. Please note that further fees will be charged for repeat consultations and check-ups. We do not provide payment plans but we can put you in contact with an external finance company which can provide a payment plan for you. This has to be organised prior to further diagnostic workup and treatment of your pet.

Pet Insurance:
Please notify your pet insurance company that you have been referred as this is required with most insurance policies. At the same time, check if there are any exclusions on your pet's policy, the policy excess and the maximum level of cover.

Normal insurance claims:
There are two ways of using your pet insurance for claiming veterinary fees. You as the policy holder will have to reclaim the veterinary fees from your insurance company. The standard procedure is that you pay us in full at the time of the consultation or on collection of your pet. You have to hand in an insurance claim form which is filled in and signed where appropriate. Please make sure that you bring in a signed and completed insurance claim form for each visit to Wear Referrals. Call us if we can be of assistance with your pet's insurance.

Direct insurance claims:
A direct insurance claim is when Wear Referrals claims the incurred veterinary fees directly from your insurance company. We do not routinely make direct claims from insurance companies. However, they can be arranged with some of the insurance companies under certain circumstances. This needs to be discussed with us prior to your first appointment or after the initial consultation but prior to further diagnostic work-up and treatment of your pet. Direct claims cannot be requested at the time of collection of your pet, after treatment has already been given.

Note: Only Wear Referrals can authorise a direct claim for work to be carried out at Wear Referrals. Your own veterinary practice cannot authorise a direct claim on our behalf!

We require that a signed claim form is provided by you on each occasion that a direct claim is made, at the time of treatment. A direct claim cannot be made by sending us a claim form after your pet has been seen.

Note: It is your responsibility as the policy holder to check if a request for a direct claim has been pre-authorised by your insurance company.

Please be aware a £40 administration fee is compulsory for all Direct Claims, and must be paid before the treatment is started.

Insurance policy excess:
The insurance policy excess is the amount of the bill that your Insurance Company will not settle and which you must pay. The excess can be a fixed amount, a percentage of the bill or a combination of both a fixed amount and a percentage. At the time of making the first direct claim, we ask for a down-payment of any excess specified on your insurance policy regardless of whether you believe that this may already have been paid e.g. at your own vets - any overpayment will be promptly refunded. It is important to understand that insurance policies which involve an excess (which is a percentage of the bill) can result in a significant sum which needs to be paid directly to us by you. Please note that any shortfall in the cost of treatment which is not covered by your insurance company will be payable to us by you.

Important Note:
Charges incurred during each visit are payable at the time of that visit (cash, credit card, debit card). A signed insurance claim form needs to be handed in in cases of a pre-authorised claim by Wear Referrals.

It is the owner's responsibility to check the progress of any submitted claim regardless whether it is a normal insurance claim or a direct pre-authorised claim.